New launch: The Tympan Rev F!




‘During the ASA (Acoustical Society of America) conference in June 2021, Tympan hosted a design challenge:

What is possible with Tympan?

It’s safe to say that the results exceeded the expectations of the Tympan team, yielding a range of new applications for, amongst others, enhancements of hearing aids, spatial acoustic processing and smart earphones.

Below is a list of the top 10 applicants who presented their designs at the ASA conference of December 2021, held in Denver Colorado. Over the course of February and March we will publish a project overview, slides of their presentations (if available) and more.

      Tympan was initiated with the clear goal of accelerating research studies and facilitating translation of novel algorithms into widespread use. Five years down the road the Tympan has done just that, and has a substantial and steadily growing user base of researchers and developers. The ASA 2021 challenge presents an excellent opportunity for the Tympan team to celebrate its success and think about future developments.

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      In 2015, the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) released two funding opportunity announcements to support the development of hardware and software tools that could be readily reconfigured by the research community to enable new basic psychophysical research studies, encourage studies with novel acoustic processing algorithms, and facilitate the translation of the results of these studies into applications for hearing aids, cochlear implants, and consumer electronics devices. Several research groups (including several small businesses and institutions) are now funded through this opportunity to develop these tools using Open Source principles.  In this special session, one of the funded research groups will provide a tutorial on their platform, and challenge the community to use the platform in their research to spur innovation in the field.