Tympan RevC
Tympan RevC
Tympan RevC
Tympan RevC

Tympan RevC

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This is the first release of the Tympan Master Hearing Aid. Tympan is Open Source Hardware and Software for developers of hearing aid technology.

Overview of RevC System

  • Teensy 3.6 Processing Board 
    • NXP 180MHz ARM 32 Processor with Floating Point Unit
    • Low Power 32 bit TLC320AIC3206
  • Bluetooth
    • Roving Networks RN-42 Bluetooth Classic
  • 2 On Board MEMS Microphones
  • 3.5mm Audio jacks for external microphone and speakers/headset
  • Optional Line In/Out pins broken out
  • LiPo battery (included) and USB charging circuitry
  • Arduino IDE Compatible 
  • Handles better than an X-34 Landspeeder

Each Tympan unit comes fully tested and programmed with a basic firmware sketch so you can get started right out of the box. 

We do NOT include an external microphone or headphones. Our 3.5mm jacks are compatible with standard audio devices. 

Independent Performance Testing and Specifications

Tympan is Open Source Hardware

Certified by the Open Source Hardware Association